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Kitchen Claws Meat Shredders


Check Out The Time Saving BBQ Tools The Pros Use!

You’ve spent all day smoking a pork shoulder...Why spend all day pulling it apart!?!

  • Shred an entire pork shoulder or turkey in minutes! Table forks are awkward to hold and can cramp up your forearms but these bear paw shaped meat claws are an extension of your hands.  
  • Move large pieces of meat from the electric smoker, smoker box, bbq grill, roasting pan, crock pot and slow cooker. Don't worry about dropping the turkey because you tried to use tongs or forks!
   Carving with a Knife?
  • Use 1 Kitchen Claw to provide stability when carving a chicken, turkey or beef roast.
  • Kitchen Claws more than just pulled pork shredder claws, use them to toss a lettuce salad, mix coleslaw - even stabilize a watermelon while using an electric knife or carving knife!
    Dishwasher Safe
  • These bear paw shaped claws are made from high quality, food-contact-safe materials and are easy to clean!  Throw them in the dishwasher or easily clean by hand with soap and warm water.

   Kitchen Claws make a GREAT GIFT!
  • For the accomplished pitmaster or the busy mom that just needs a helpful tool. Kitchen Claws are a great addition to your kitchen and bbq accessories!
   Yes, we are that confident that you will love your Kitchen Claws
  • In fact, get for you and one to give as your next gift!
Life Happens In The Kitchen
  • Many of our happiest memories are of being around the kitchen table or the island with family or friends; enjoying the company of others; engaging in lively conversation; basking in the celebration. 
Laughter.  Tears.  Memories.
  • Whether it's Thanksgiving dinner or a Tuesday morning breakfast, the kitchen brings people together.  In our home, we make kitchen at a time.
Because Our Kitchen Is Always Ready!